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    1. Rock Wool SlabCombined with drop irrigation and other modern technology, the product can speed up the growth of crops, increase the productivity, improve crop quality, and decrease production cost.
      According to applied occasion, agricultural mineral wool can be divided into raising seedling ...
    1. Mineral Wool PipeOur pipe section is made from rock wool, which can be used for thermal insulation in small to medium sized pipes. The mineral wool pipe has a unilateral breaking joint with good insulating property, making it convenient for installation. Aluminum foil can be attached to the outside of the pipe section upon customer's request.
    1. Rockwool BoardOur rockwool thermal insulation board is a board product with certain strength. It is used for sound insulation in partition walls and wall curtains, thermal insulation in roofs, retaining structures, floor heating systems, industrial kilns, ovens, and large sized tanks, as well as thermal insulation and fire proof of vessels, etc.
    1. Rock Wool WarehouseGranulated wool is a granular product made from mineral wool fiber. It is used for filling irregular spaces and apertures in thermal insulation structures, spraying for fire proofing of steel structure buildings and manufacturing sound-absorbing ceiling boards.
    1. Rock Wool FactoryAdvanced European rock wool/mineral wool technology and production equipment, coupled with complete computer control of the manufacturing procedure, enable us to ensure the quality of our rockwool. Customers can feel secure in using our products.

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