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Rock Wool Warehouse

The picture shown here is about our rock wool warehouse. You can see that our rock wool is stacked in an orderly fashion and stored in a dry, clean environment.

Detailed Product Description
We offer reliable quality, non-combustible, rock wool board, insulation materials, and blanket with wire mesh.
ASTM C612, JIS A 9504, CE, A60,

Granulated wool is a granular product made from mineral wool fiber. It is used for filling irregular spaces and apertures in thermal insulation structures, spraying for fire proofing of steel structure buildings and manufacturing sound-absorbing ceiling boards.

1. Organic material content: ≤0.5%
2. Thermal conductivity coefficient: ≤0.044W/m.K
(Average test temperature 70±52), Test density 150kg/m3)
3. Pellet diameter distribution: >12.7mm, ≥60%
<6.35mm, ≤10%

Product Implementation Standard
Q/T0IH 3-2005

Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Granulated wool for ceiling board manufacture is packed in 250kg compression packing. Other products are packed in 15kg compression packing.
During transportation and storage, keep rock wool away from moisture and avoid throw.

Payment and Shipping Terms
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Packaging Details: Polythene plastic thermal-shrink film
Delivery Time: 7-14DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T

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Company Brief: We are a Chinese manufacturer of glass wool, rock wool and rubber insulation products. To meet every customer's insulation needs, we offer a wide range of insulation products, including glass wool board, glass wool batts, foam rubber insulation pipe, rock wool slab, mineral wool pipe. Our products come in a vast array of shapes and sizes to meet any application need. In addition, we can accommodate specific requests as needed.