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Rockwool Board

Detailed Product Description
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ASTM C612, JIS A 9504 etc.

Our rockwool thermal insulation board is a board product with certain strength. It is used for sound insulation in partition walls and wall curtains, thermal insulation in roofs, retaining structures, floor heating systems, industrial kilns, ovens, and large sized tanks, as well as thermal insulation and fire proof of vessels, etc.

Product Implementation Standard
GB/T 11835-1998


Thickness mm Density kg/m3
40 50 60 80 100 120 150 180 200




Note: Other special sizes and densities can be custom-made according to customers' specific requirements.


Properties Value
Shot content (particle diameter ≥ 0.25mm), % ≤ 12.0
Average fiber diameter, μm ≤ 7.0
Density tolerance, % +15, -15
Thermal conductivity coefficient (average temperature: 70±52), W/(m. K) ≤ 0.044
Thermal load contraction temperature (products with density above 60kg/m3), ≥ 600
Moisture content, % ≤0.5
Combustion property Non-combustible(A class)
Organic material content, % ≤ 4.0
Water repellence (water-proof), % ≥ 98
Water absorption (water-proof), % ≤ 5

All performance parameters comply with the requirements of ASTM C 612, JIS A 9504 and other standards.

Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Our rock wool board is packed in polythene plastic thermal-shrink film. The thickness of each package is within the range of 300-400 mm. During transportation and storage keep product away from moisture and compressive deformation.

Payment and Shipping Terms
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Packaging Details: Polythene plastic thermal-shrink film
Delivery Time: 7-14DAYS
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