Mineral Wool Pipe

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Mineral Wool Pipe

Detailed Product Description
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ASTM C612, JIS A 9504 etc.

Our pipe section is made from rock wool, which can be used for thermal insulation in small to medium sized pipes. The mineral wool pipe has a unilateral breaking joint with good insulating property, making it convenient for installation. Aluminum foil can be attached to the outside of the pipe section upon customer's request.

Product Implementation Standard
GB/T 11835-1998


Properties >Value
Density tolerance, % +15, -15
Thermal conductivity coefficient, W/m. K (average test temperature 70±52) ≤0.044
Thermal load contraction temperature ≥600
Combustion property Non-combustible (A Class)
Organic material content, % ≤5.0
Eccentricity of pipe section, mm ≤5.0

Payment and Shipping Terms
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Packaging Details: Polypropylene plastic bag
Delivery Time: 7-14DAYS
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