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Rock Wool Slab, Rock Wool Board

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Our rock wool slab is an agricultural product made from rock wool. As it is chemically stable, nontoxic and pollution free, the product is an important planting material in modern agriculture.
Our rock wool board is especially suitable for industrialized production of vegetable, fruits and flowers. Combined with drop irrigation and other modern technology, the product can speed up the growth of crops, increase the productivity, improve crop quality, and decrease production cost.
According to applied occasion, agricultural mineral wool can be divided into raising seedling mat for seedling cultivation and planting mat used as planting material.

Specifications of Rock Wool Board

Length 1000mm Width 200, 630mm
Height 50, 60, 70, 100mm Density 60, 80kg/m3

Properties of Rock Wool Slab

Properties Indicator
Water absorption rate, % > 600
PH value 6 - 8
Average fiber diameter, µm < 7
Organic material content, % 1.5 - 2.5
Shot content (particle diameter ≥ 0.25mm), % ≤ 12
Free hydroxybenzene (as phenol), mg/kg < 1.8
Free aldehyde (as formaldehyde), mg/kg < 20

Product Implementation Standard
Q/T0IH 9-2005

Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Our rock wool slab is packaged in polythene plastic thermal-shrink film. Thickness of each package is within the range of 300-400 mm.
During transportation and storage, keep product away from moisture and compressive deformation.