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Fireproof Foam Rubber

Detailed Product Description
Our fireproof foam rubber is an aperture-closing elastic material, which is soft, anti-bending, cold resistant, heat resistant, waterproof, and offers low thermal conductivity, great shock absorption and sound absorption performance. It contains fire-blocking and smoking-reducing raw materials, so the smoking concentration generated from fire is very low. The foam rubber will not melt when it comes in contact with fire and no burning balls will fall down. The material has a self-extinguishing characteristic.

Our fireproof foam rubber is used for all kinds of cold/hot medium piping and containers in central air conditioners, construction, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, textile process, metallurgy, boats, vehicles, electrical apparatus and other fields to reduce cold/thermal loss.
Because foam rubber is aesthetically appealing, easy to install and is pollution free, it is a new generation high quality heat-insulating, and heat-preservation material.

Technical Properties

Density kg/m3 40-110 GB/T6343
B1 GB/T8624-1997
Oxygen index % ≥32 GB/T2406
SDR - ≤75 GB/T8627-1999
Conductivity factor W/(m.k)
Average temperature
-20 ≤0.031
0 ≤0.034
40 ≤0.036
Water vapor Coefficient g/(m.s.Pa) ≤4.4×10-10 GB/T17146
Permeability Factor - ≥4.5×103 GB/T17794
Water absorption ratio % ≤10 GB/T17794
in vacuum
Dimension stability % ≤10 GB8811
105±3, 7d
Crack resistance N/cm ≥2.5 GB/T10808
Compression resilience ratio % ≥70 GB/T6669
(compression ratio,50%
compression time,72h)
Anti-ozone - Not Cracking GB/T7762
Ozone pressure, 202mPa, 200h
Aging resistance - Slightly crumpling, no cracks GB/T16259
150h No pin holes, no deformation
-40-110 GB/T17794

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