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ISOFOX Glasswool Batts

Detailed Product Description
9000 packs R3.5 glasswool insulation batts stock available.
The glasswool batts are high quality and competitively priced.

ISOFOX Glass Wool R Value 3.5, Australian Government Approved AS/NZ 4859.1
ISOFOX Insulation appears in the Home Insulation Program Approved List of Products of Australian Government.

Two different widths are available: 430mm and 580mm

Single Bag (430mm) Single Bag (580mm)
Weigh 15.81kg Weigh 21.3kg
Width 430mm Width 580mm
Length 1160mm Length 1160mm
Thickness 185mm Thickness 185mm
Total sm 8sm Total sm 8sm
Coverage 9sm Coverage 9sm
Pack of Four (430mm) Pack of Four (580mm)
Net Weight 63.24kg Net Weight 85.24kg
Width 1.1m Width 1.1m
Length 1.2m Length 1.2m

Payment Terms
L/C, T/T

Cash Sale Price: AUD25.00 per Bag
Local Pick up only in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide
Take the Lot and We Will Drop This Price Further!! You Won't Find A Better Deal.

Warehouse Sale
CALL Mabel by 0011 86 755 86316280 or Jack by 0061 02 9436 1515 for details
Lease Expiring-Need to Vacate ASAP

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Company Brief: We are a Chinese manufacturer of glass wool, rock wool and rubber insulation products. To meet every customer's insulation needs, we offer a wide range of insulation products, including glass wool board, glass wool batts, foam rubber insulation pipe, rock wool slab, mineral wool pipe. Our products come in a vast array of shapes and sizes to meet any application need. In addition, we can accommodate specific requests as needed.