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Glass Wool Blanket

Detailed Product Description
Made of pure non-color glass flat board, the glass wool blanket is bright yellow in color, tasteless or odorless, and causes no harm to the human body.
The glass wool blanket has excellent rebound property. After delivery, it will rebound almost to the original level in 24 hours after being unpacked.

It can be used for heat preservation for steel structure building.
For use as heat insulation for walls and roof of house to save energy.
Can be used for an indoor partition wall or train compartment.
Special specifications can be made upon on request.

The glass wool blanket is made according to GB STANDARDS, EN13162, EN13172, ISO9001:2000.


Product Length (mm) Width (Diameter) (mm) Thickness (mm) Density (kg/m3) Notice
Blanket (felt) in roll 6000-30000 1200 (600/400/300) 25-200 10-48 Black/pink available
Boards (Slab) 1200-2200 600-1200 20-100 24-100 Black/pink available
Batts 1200-4800 600-1200 25-200 10-48
Super wool 6000-30000 1200/600/500 25-150 10-48 5-6% binder
Glass wool with FSK Including aluminum foil, fiber cloth, fiber tissue, polypropylene, double aluminum foil, kraft One side and two sides
Twin blanket (felt) in roll 6000-15000 1200 50-100 10-48
Pipe sections 1000 15-400 20-100 45-90

Special specifications can be made upon on request.

Physical Properties

Item Unit Index Standard
Density kg/m3 10-100 GB/T 5480.3-1985
Average fiber dia. um 5.5 GB/T 5480.4-1985
Water content % <1 GB/T 3007-1982
Reaction of fire classification
A1 EN13501-1:2007
Average Tf
3.60 EN ISO 1182
Averaged sustained flaming S 0.00 EN ISO 1182
Average mass loss % 2.40 EN ISO 1182
Product PCS MJ/kg 1.12 EN ISO 1716
Reshrinking temp
>260 GB/T 11835-1998
Thermal conductibility w/m.k 0.032-0.044 EN13162:2001
Hydrophobicity % >98.2 GB/T 10299-1988
Moisture rate % <5 GB/T 16401-1986
Sound absorption coefficient
1.03 product reverberation Method (24kg/m3 2000HZ) GBJ 47-83
Slag inclusion content % <0.3

Payment and Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity: 1*40HQ
Packaging Details: PE, PP/HDPE/LDPE with CE mark
Delivery Time: IN 3-14DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 15000 Metric Tons per Month